Bologna food diary

Food and I are best friends. I love cooking, and I certainly love eating. So when a colleague mentioned Bologna being the food capital of Italy, I had no choice but to go there.


Welcome home, Vesper the Van

It is happening. #Vanlife is happening! I already mentioned something about wanting to buy and convert a van in this blogpost. I not-so-secretly started with the preparations: I ordered a book about converting a van (there…

snowboarding like a boss

To snowboard or not to snowboard

Covid19 has turned out to be a lot more thorough than anyone could have ever imagined. Of course being in good health is the most important thing right now. But I do miss travelling a lot during…


Backpack packing tips

I love travelling with a backpack for several reasons. For starters, it’s easier to travel with because it’s hands-free. Also, with a backpack you are limited in space, so you are obliged to pack as light and…


Volcano Boarding in León Nicaragua

Nicaragua is known for its volcanoes, so there are many volcano related tours you can do. One of them: Volcano Boarding. If you want to do something unique in Nicaragua, this should definitely be on your list. It’s…


Bye New York, hello Luxembourg

I knew I had to do it, but I kept doubting and postponing it… until my hostel decided for me. I’m talking about canceling my trip to New York in June. A trip I was very much looking forward…


Val Thorens tips: where to eat & party

There are a few certainties in life: death, taxes and me going snowboarding at least once a year. I absolutely love boarding off a snowy mountain while being surrounded by the most stunning views. In february this year (before…


No travel – #stayhome

Who would have ever thought they would find themselves in a situation in which practically all travel is banned. I sure didn’t. When this whole Corona virus thing started, I brushed it off like a nasty flu. But at…


León Nicaragua – Complete Travel Guide

Nicaragua is definitely a country worth visiting. One of the cities you cannot miss, is León. This bubbly city has an atmosphere which makes you feel right at home. There’s lots to do and see, and it’s a…


Biggest travel mistakes (and how not to make them)

On this blog you’ll find many traveltips, must-do’s and see’s and itineraries for the prettiest destinations all over the world. But I hardly ever talk about things you should NOT do while travelling. So here’s a list of the…