Nepal Photography: Nepal in 14 photos

Although I did a photography course (two of them actually, I still have my certificates somewhere), I’m by no means a photographer. That doesn’t mean I don’t like taking beautiful photos when I’m travelling. Usually the first thing I do when I arrive somewhere, is dropping off my backpack at the hostel, take my camera and just explore the surroundings. These photos usually make the best memories, because they actually remind you of the place, and not just the touristy highlights (of which you can find a gazillion photos online already).

That being said, I’d like to share some of my favourite Nepal photos with you. Nepal photography is “easy” because almost everything you see is worth taking photos of. Some photos remind me of things that happend, or people I was with. In that case you’ll find an explanation or story underneath the photo. Some photos are just beautiful to look at. No explanation needed.

Nepal photography nepali man



Nepal photography pashupatinath

Little temples with a symbol for fertility, all lined up at Pashupatinath.


Nepal photography nepali man



Nepal Photography Swayambunath prayer wheels

Prayer wheels at Swayambunath (Monkey Temple). Funny thing: I was taking photos of the temples, but Nepali people wanted to take photos of me and with me. One father even asked me to pose for a photo with their kid.


Nepal Photography Women Pashupatinath

Beautiful women of Nepal at Pashupatinath


Nepal photography gai jatra



Nepal Photography Patan

The city of Patan


Boudhanath temple Nepal Photography



Me and two of my roommates were just strolling around Kathmandu. We thought it was busier than normal, but we didn’t really pay attention to it. Until we were suddenly part of a huge parade through the city of Kathmandu. We just went along with it.


Later we found out it was Gai Jatra, a yearly festival to commemorate family members who died that particular year. Usually it’s cows which are paraded through the streets. When a family doesn’t have a cow, they dress up young boys as cows.

I remember looking at this family and pointing at my camera, to find out if they were okay with me taking a photo. They smiled, nodded, and posed for me.


Nepal Photography Poon Hill

Poon Hill views (Read more about the Poon Hill Trek)


Nepal photography festival



Nepal photography Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur. When you visit Nepal in the rainy season, be prepared for some crazy rain showers. A massive thunder storm broke loose, not too long after taking this picture.


Nepal photography Annapurna view Poon Hill

View on the Annapurna Massif

I still have some more photos which are worth sharing, so there might be a part 2 very soon šŸ™‚


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