Snowboarding Les Deux Alpes: restaurant tips

When I look at my travels from the last, let’s say, 8 years, snowboarding has always been a part of it. I just love it and my travel year is not complete without at least one week in the snowy mountains. We always go snowboarding in France or Austria. This year we decided to go to France, partly because we were pretty late with arranging our holiday and the affordable places in Austria were already fully booked. But that wasn’t a problem at all, since I’d never been in Les Deux Alpes before and I love to explore new destinations.

Snowboarding Les Deux Alpes GoPro Travel Blog

Snowboarding in Les Deux Alpes was absolutely great. We had some good snow and pretty nice weather. It was windy at times, but it wasn’t busy at all so we had some of the slopes completely to ourselves. The ultimate sense of freedom.

Besides the snowboarding, the week consisted of good food, relaxing and just a tiny bit of après ski. Of course I have a nice list for you of the best restaurants in Les Deux Alpes. Just nice places where you can get good food after a long day on the slopes. I personally had a great time in these places. If you have any other restaurants tips in Les Deux Alpes which should be on this list, feel free to add them in the comments!

The best Pizza in Les Deux Alpes: Cyan Pizza

Yes, yes, YES. This is what pizza should taste like. Cyan Pizza is seriously one of the best pizza places I’ve ever been. This is proper food and they are definitely serious business: my friend asked for pineapple on his pizza, and they refused. Like I said: a proper Italian pizza place. Of course I opted for the ham & mozzarella pizza, and they sure used some top quality mozzarella. If you’re gonna eat pizza in Les Deux Alpes, please do it here.

Tripadvisor says: 4.5 stars

Great salad at Ice

This restaurant was located right next to our appartment, so we had to go in there for food. After a long day of snowboarding, we decided to go for it and I opted for a salad. De-lish. The slightly melted St. Marcellin cheese on some crispy bread, lots of ham… what more do you want? It was so nice, I ate it twice (not the same night, we went back later that week). Also, Ice looks really cosy and warm. We really felt welcome. I totally recommend!

Tripadvisor says: 4.5 stars

St Marcellin Salad ICE Les Deux Alpes travel blog

Great salad if you like cheese. And I sure do love cheese.

Fondue and steak at Les Sagnes

We ate at this place 3 times that week. I tried a salad, which was okay, but both the steak with Morel sauce and the steak fondue were very yummy! They actually opened the kitchen a little earlier, especially for us so we could eat well and make it to the bus in time. Although the tripadvisor reviews say they didn’t like the manager, we had experienced quite the opposite. Other than that, Les Sagnes has a nice atmosphere with a huge fire place. I really like sitting and eating here.

Tripadvisor says: 3.5 stars (I don’t agree, I’d say 4)

The best burgers of Les Deux Alpes: The Spot

The best restaurant in Les Deux Alpes to eat a burger? Look no further: go to The Spot! Here you can build your own burger by choosing your bun, the patty(s) and a wide range lot of toppings and sauces. You can go completely crazy with this thing. I mean: you can choose peanut butter as a topping. Whut?!
Of course we all built our own burgers, but no one did anything too out of the ordinary. But they sure are tasty! We went back later that week and I decided to go for fish (Prawns & Tuna loin). This was good too, but the burgers are definitely the reason to go here.

They are often fully booked (and it’s extra busy on wednesdays), so if you want to make sure to enjoy The Spot, make reservations.

Tripadvisor says: 4.5 stars

They had some nice drinks too, at The Spot 🙂


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