Things to do in Amman, Jordan

When you fly into Jordan to start your travels, you’ll probably fly into Amman. This is the capital of Jordan and it is the home to about 25% of the complete Jordan population. Yes, it’s busy and yes, the…


Wadi Rum in Jordan – A complete guide

Red and orange sand, as far as the eye can see. No sounds of birds, animals or people, just absolute silence. Gigantic rocks, some of which have tent camps set up in its shadows. I think the Wadi Rum…


Why you should travel with a GoPro

Taking travel photos when I’m somewhere far away in a foreign country is one of my ultimate favourite things to do. The activity itself is fun, but it also gives you some visual reminders of your travels. I always…


Thule Guidepost 75L backpack review

When I’m travelling in a foreign country, from ho(s)tel to ho(s)tel, I prefer taking a backpack over a suitcase. Main advantage: you can travel hands-free. Chances are you have to walk a fair distance with your backpack on your…


Dead Sea in Jordan | Tips & Tricks

The Dead Sea is one of the most unique places we’ve visited during our travels in Jordan. It’s 427 meters below sea level and the sodium levels in the water are so high (34%!) that you can actually float….


How to prepare for a trip to Jordan

Jordan is one of the most magical countries I have visited so far. It’s completely different from all the other countries I’ve seen, which makes it special. Although it’s quite an easy country to travel in, it’s nice to…


Wadi Mujib Jordan: Everything you need to know

Many people visit Jordan to see Petra and experience the Dead Sea. And honestly: those were my main reasons for visiting too. But there are many more things to do in Jordan. One of them? Wadi Mujib. This is…


Renting / driving a car in Jordan – A complete guide

The best way of getting around in Jordan is a rental car. Normally I’m more of a public transport / van / bus kind of traveller, but in this case I’m glad we decided upon a rental car. It…


Road trip Jordan: 10 day itinerary

Oh Jordan, you beautiful country. It was on my travel bucket list for quite some time, and now I can finally cross it off.   We opted for a road trip with a rental car because…


1 day in Bangkok

The perfect starting point for your trip through Thailand? Bangkok of course. Not entirely random, since all international flights arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport. This airport is situated approximately 30km outside the city center. Other than the starting point of…