My Travel Bucket List

To travel is to live. Well, that’s my opinion. I’ve always prefered spending my money on experiences, instead of materialistic things. Of course I’m also limited in resources (financial resources, mostly) and time, but I still try to save…


Kathmandu tips: top things to do & see

When you travel to Nepal, the first place you will experience is its capital, Kathmandu, because that’s where the airport is. To me, Kathmandu itself is a gorgeous city with lots to do, see and experience. I absolutely loved…


Low budget city trip : 5 tips for cheap travel

You can only spend your money once, so the cheaper the trip, the more trips you can make in a year. That’s the philosophy I live by. I just love cheap travel destinations. I call myself the queen of…


Nepal Photography: Nepal in 14 photos

Although I did a photography course (two of them actually, I still have my certificates somewhere), I’m by no means a photographer. That doesn’t mean I don’t like taking beautiful photos when I’m travelling. Usually the first thing I…


Best time to visit Nepal

The best time to visit Nepal… Of course it depends on what you are planning on doing there. The climate can vary quite a lot throughout the country. In the mountains the weather will be completely different in comparison…


EXPLORE travel art with nails & yarn

When I’m not travelling, I think about travelling. I know, I have serious issues in that department. Wanderlust is real, you guys. To keep myself busy with travel related things, I sometimes take on a somewhat artsy project. Well, I…


Poon Hill Trek – everything you need to know

Nepal is one of the countries which are perfect for hiking through the mountains. In the Himalayas you will find 8 of the 10 highest summits in the world. The most famous one: Mount Everest. Although Everest Base Camp…


Backpacking Nepal itinerary: 2 weeks

Nepal is still one of my favorite countries to visit. It was the very first destination of my five-month backpacking adventure in Asia and it’s just a beautiful place to explore. It’s like entering a completely different world, with…


Nepali Masala Chai Tea recipe

If you ever visit Nepal, drink Masala Chai Tea. You would probably even do that without me saying this, because Nepali people love their tea. They would drink it all day, any day. And I understand why. It’s just…



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