5 x scenic viewpoints in Prague

One of the best things to do in Prague is to wander around. There’s so much to see: from the beautiful Charles Bridge to the gorgeous little streets with their stunning architecture. And view points. Prague has a lot of view points which are definitely worth visiting. Good thing: all of them are free (with some of them having paid options as well). Here’s a list of 5 Prague viewpoints you shouldn’t miss!

1 | Vysehrad Castle

This is a view point in Prague which many people miss or skip because it’s a little south from the city center. Don’t skip this! It’s absolutely gorgeous to walk around the Vysehrad fortress, especially at sunset. While the sky glows orange and yellow, people are all in their chill zone. It’s really peaceful up there. It’s not that much of a walk actually, but if it’s too long, just take a tram. You can get off right in front of the steps.

Prague Vysehrad Fortress Castle viewpoint travel blog

Then take the steps all the way up to the castle complex, which includes the Gothic Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul, a cemetery and a couple of viewing platforms. Just relax, watch over the Vltava River and enjoy the moment.

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2 | Petřín Park

Escape the crowds on Charles Bridge: just visit Petřín Park (also known as the Petřín Gardens). The park is located in the Mala Strana area, and it’s quite easy to find. You can walk all the way up there, like we did, but if you want to save your breath, you can take the funicular train. It’s free when you have a public transport card.

Petrin Park Gardens Prague viewpoint travel blog

But honestly: take the walk. It’s beautiful, peaceful and you can get a drink halfway up, at a restaurant, with a magnificent view over the city. When you made it all the way up, you’ll find Petřín Tower. The 60m high tower is modeled after the Eiffel Tower and it used to be an electricity tower till 1992. Now it’s only used for tourist purposes. If you want to climb Petřín Tower, you’ll have to pay 150 CZK (a little under €6,-).

Petrin Tower viewpoints in Prague AnotherTravelLover

3 | Charles Bridge / Old Town Bridge Tower

Charles Bridge is without a doubt the most tourity place in Prague, together with that famous clock on that famous square. It is packed with people. I personally don’t like that much of a crowd, but Charles Bridge is for sure something you have to see / experience when in Prague. The view from the Charles Bridge itself is already pretty fabulous. However, if you want to experience this view from higher up, you can climb the Old Town Bridge Tower. It’ll cost you 100 CZK (around €4,-) to get up there, but you will be treated with a gorgeous view over the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.

4 | Letna park

On the north side of the Vltava river you’ll find Letna Park. There used to be a Stalin statue there, but they demolished it in 1962 and replaced it in 1992 with a metronome statue. We walked to Letna Park via Prague Castle and took the steps back down again. But of course you can do it the other way around too.

Letna Park view over Prague viewpoints

Just relax and enjoy the beautiful views over the city, visit the Prague Metronome, and go watch the skaters in the skate park. They can do some amazing tricks and the atmosphere is super chill.

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5 | Prague Castle

Of course: Prague castle has to be on this list of viewpoints. Since the castle complex (which is the biggest ancient castle in the world!) is high up a hill, you have a beautiful view over the green gardens which surround the castle, and of course a view over the city.

Prague Castle view point Travel Blog

The good thing about these Prague viewpoints: you can easily visit them in one day. I still have a few viewpoints on my personal wishlist which I haven’t visited yet, so I will be exploring those when I’m back in Prague. And luckily that’s very soon! #lovePrague.


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