Bye New York, hello Luxembourg

I knew I had to do it, but I kept doubting and postponing it… until my hostel decided for me. I’m talking about canceling my trip to New York in June. A trip I was very much looking forward to. But earlier this week I received an e-mail from my hostel in Brooklyn that they had to cancel my booking due to Covid-19. That was the moment I decided to cancel the trip altogether.

While I’m still in doubt whether I will rebook my flight to New York, or if I will rebook it to another destination, for example Myanmar (since that country is also still on my bucket list), I already have a new destination in mind for June. I mean: why waste perfectly good vacation days by sitting at home… right? We’ve already done more than enough of that in the last couple of months.

Before I continue, I have to give you a little back story first.

Although my first travel love will always be flying to faraway destinations with my beloved backpack, there’s something else which is on my wish list too, and it doesn’t involve a plane.

It involves a camper van.

Volkswagen Camper Van

In particular a self-built camper van. Ever since we moved into a house with a decent size garden with room to built a mini garage, I’ve had the dream of buying some sort of van and converting it into a custom camper. All by ourselves.

Now I’m not the best diy-er in the world (although I like to take on a small diy project every once in a while), but luckily my better half is. He can built virtually anything he puts his mind to. He even researched, bought and installed all the solar panels on the roof of our house. That saved us an incredible amount of $$$, and they work perfectly!

Anyway: let’s just say I’m the creative one in this household, and he’s the technical one.

Which is a very good combination when it comes to converting a van. I mean: a camper should have a logical layout and design, which would be my department. But f.e. the insulation and electrical stuff has to be spot-on too, which would be his department. The only thing is: the boyfriend has no camping experience whatsoever. And he wants to try it first to see if he likes it, before we explore the options of buying and converting a van. Fair enough: I can arrange that.

So that brings us to next month: we rented a camper and we are going to Luxembourg with it. Holidays abroad aren’t exactly the safest choice right now, because of closed borders and such. Fortunately we can cancel our booking free of charge when the COVID-19 rules aren’t allowing us to go. Great service!

So now I’m just crossing my fingers that the bf is going to like this as much as I do. If he does, that’ll mean one thing: Hunting for a van!


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