Cheap airline tickets – tips & tricks

When you are an avid traveller, it’s nice to know when plane tickets are so dead cheap you can’t even think about not booking. Of course the bigger airlines will throw in some sale and world deals, but honestly, these aren’t even worth the trouble. I will tell you how to find the REAL cheap airline tickets with these tips & tricks.

So let’s start by telling you I always book extremely cheap plane tickets. How about 32€ return (taxes included) to Warsaw, Poland. Or what about my next trip, which was €55,- return (taxes included) to Jordan! I must admit they both are with small cabin luggage only, so I had to pay extra for the Jordan flight so my backpack could fly as well. But still very cheap!

Are you interested? Hmm?
I thought so 😉

So here are my top tips & tricks for cheap airline tickets.
Spoiler: they are very very easy to apply.

1) Let the airline ticket decide your travel destination

I understand you have a travel bucketlist with countries you want to visit. Don’t focus on these destinations only! The world is a huge place, and there’s always a nice airline deal to a country which is worth travelling to.

I always use SkyScanner, set my “travelling from” on a nearby airport, and my “travelling to” on everywhere. Just scroll till you see something you like. This is how you find cheap airline tickets!

And if you’re lucky, like me, one of those bucketlist items is suddenly a very cheap travel destination! Like my next backpacking destination Jordan. I found it on SkyScanner, so it really was a lucky shot.

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2) Be flexible

Although you prefer flying on friday night and return on sunday evening, to get the most out of your travels without having to waste vacation days, the good deals are usually on less popular days. So if you can be flexible regarding flight dates, please be flexible.

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Many websites give you the option to search by month. This way you get a day to day overview with prices. Just choose the cheapest dates and book your flight. Easy as that. It is import though to take a close look while doing this. Sometimes, when you pick a certain date for your flight, the return flight date suddenly is a lot more expensive. So don’t forget to also check the website of the airline itself. It might save you some extra $$$.

3) Error fares for cheap airline tickets (via third-party websites)

Error fares are very VERY cheap airline tickets which are caused by a mistake, for example currency conversion mishaps or just simply a human error. The airline probably wasn’t planning on letting you fly to Thailand for $100,- return, but sometimes, when you are very lucky, these kind of prices can be reality. You can check websites like and Just select the continent from which you want to fly, and there you go: cheap airline tickets, up for grabs. Don’t forget to check the conditions: I can imagine you would like to take some baggage if you are travelling for 3 to 4 weeks, besides that small little carry-on suitcase.

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cheap airline tickets tips tricks AnotherTravelLover blog

4) Check several airports nearby

Of course you prefer flying from the airport which is closest to your home. But don’t forget to check other airports in the neighborhood. For me, as a Dutchie, it means I can easily fly from Belgium and Germany as well. Or if you find an error fare from London, just check how much a return flight or train to London will cost you. I’m sure there are more airports in your area as well, so don’t forget to check them out!

So there you go: 4 tips for cheap airline tickets. Good luck!


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