Chimney cake: a must try in Prague

Everytime I travel somewhere new, I will try some local foods and treats. So when I was in Prague, I couldn’t resist their most famous sweet snack: Chimney cake, locally known as Trdelnik. Of course I did my research, and I found out the best Trdelnik comes from the Good Food Bakery. So even though we came across many food stalls, I decided to try my first ever chimney cake at Good Food Bakery (one of my top restaurants in Prague).

chimney cake good food bakery best trdelnik prague

This is where it’s at. It’s actually in the city centre, and you will most likely walk past it when you are walking from the St. Charles Bridge to the square with the famous clock.

chimney cake good food bakery prague

The Good Food Bakery is just a tiny little bakery with hardly any room to sit down. No problem for us: the weather was good, so we took our chimney cakes to go.

prague good food bakery trdelnik chimney cake

So what is it exactly? Trdelnik is actually thin strips of dough, wrapped around a wooden stick (called a Trdlo). After glazing it with sugar, the dough is grilled over open coals until it’s brown and caramelized. Then they roll the Trdelnik in trays which are filled with sugar, cinnamon and chopped nuts. After that it’s ready to eat!

Trdelnik prague Good Food bakery best chimney cake

You can eat it as is, but they also sell lots of different kinds of Trdelnik. For example the Tiramisu: filled with coffee cake and topped with mascarpone cream and cocoa. Or filled with vanilla ice cream, brownie, salted caramel and a chocolate topping. They even have savory Trdelniks, but I didn’t really feel like trying those.

different kinds of chimney cake trdelnik prague

I opted for a chimney cake with fresh strawberries, topped with chocolate mousse. The boyfriend decided upon the strudel Trdelnik, with apple, raisins and  walnuts, topped with whipped cream.

Strudel trdelnik chimney cake prague good food bakery

You can literally get Trdelnik on every street corner, but I totally recommend going to Good Food Bakery.  Because it’s such a popular bakery, your chimney cake will always be super fresh.

prague chimney cake trdelnik chocolate bakery

Wondering what to do in Prague? Well, if you’re in for a sweet treat, go get yourself a Trdelik. What do you prefer? Stuffed with fruits and topped with cream, or just plain with some sugar and cinnamon?

Are chimney cakes vegan?

Originally: no. The dough contains milk and butter. But you might find vegan Chimney cakes in Prague. There are a few vegan places in Prague which might have Trdelnik on the menu.

Where can I buy a chimney cake?

It’s not just a Czech Republic thing: you can find similar products all over Europe. For example Baumstriezel in Germany and Prügelkrapfen in Austria. In Hungary you’ll find Kürtőskalács. Turkey has Makara and Israel has Kyortush. Then there are other similar treats, which look and taste slightly different. For example the French Gâteau à la Broche and Lithuanian Šakotis.

Where to get chimney cake in Prague?

There are literally little Chimney Cake bakeries on every single street corner. I found the best Chimney Cake at Good Food Bakery. This is not sponsored or anything: I just tried many all over Prague, and these were the best.


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  1. Tereza Vacková Reply

    Hi there,
    I am Czech living in Prague for my whole life and I have to dissapoint you. That so called “chimney cake” or “trdelnik” is not traditional czech sweet pastry at all…..It even does not originated from here but from Slovakia. All Prague’s inhabitants hate the stall with this tourist trap and we never eat them. I have tried it once on a blind date just to know the taste and to judge something not knowing the taste of.
    If you want to know what are traditional and typical sweet pastries fromCzech Republic here is the link to one of famous Prague sweet bakeries. All pastries on the page are typical czech
    Best regards

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