Travel tips

Just a bunch of general travel tips which make your travel life a bit easier. And cheaper. And more fun.

Top 10 things to do in Prague

City trip wise, Prague is probably my all time favorite city in Europe. You might wonder: what is there…


Wonton Soup recipe

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7 x free city tours during your layover

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Running while travelling / on vacation: tips & tricks

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Chimney cake: a must try in Prague

Everytime I travel somewhere new, I will try some local foods and treats. So when I was in Prague,…


Travel movies which may inspire you: part 2

Travel movies are always a nice way to spend a comfy night in. I already made a


Travel gear: Solo Socks review

Fact: you always lose shit when travelling. I lost a dress in Cambodia, which got stolen lost in the…


Travel photography tips: Depth of field

Let me start by saying I’m not a professional photographer. But I do love taking beautiful photos and I…


Photo diary: BaanThai cooking class in Chiang Mai

I love cooking and I love travelling. So if I can combine the two together, I’m one happy camper….