Road trip Jordan: 10 day itinerary

Oh Jordan, you beautiful country. It was on my travel bucket list for quite some time, and now I can finally cross it off.   We opted for a road trip with a rental car because we only had 10 days and we didn’t want to miss any of the Jordan highlights. So we decided we didn’t want to be dependent on public transport.

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In this blog I’ll talk you through a Jordan 10 day itinerary / road trip, which involves a bit of everything: cities, adventure, culture, Petra (of course), desert, relaxing and the Dead Sea. In short: the perfect 10 day itinerary in Jordan, if you ask me.

Day 1: Amman

We arrived on Amman airport in the early afternoon. Amman is the capital of Jordan, and over 1/3 of the complete Jordan population lives in this city. After picking up the rental car, we make our way to the city center. It’s all true what they say: the traffic is total chaos. We are staying at the Sydney Hotel. We park the car, put our backpacks in the room and head out for some exploring.

10 days in Jordan Amman Citadel

We also try to find a place to eat on the most touristy street in Amman: Rainbow Street. Fun fact: finding places to eat can be a bit of challenge during Ramadan, that’s what we experienced during our 10 days in Jordan.

SPENDING THE NIGHT: Sydney Hotel - Amman 

Day 2: Amman & Jerash

After a good night’s sleep we leave early in the morning to visit Jerash. The city of Jerash is about an hour drive from Amman. The city is known for the archeological site with old Roman ruins which include the Hadrian’s Arch, the Temple of Artemis and the Forum’s oval colonnade. Truly impressive. You could stay the night, since the modern city of Jerash is built next to the archeological site, but we decide to spend another night in Sydney Hotel in Amman.

Jordan in 10 days Jerash ruins

After visiting Jerash, we make our way back to Amman to visit the Citadel. We also see the famous King Abdullah I Mosque. That night we go to bed quite early, because we leave for Wadi Mujib the next day.

SPENDING THE NIGHT: Sydney Hotel - Amman 

Day 3: Canyoning in Wadi Mujib and drive to Wadi Musa

In the morning, around 8, we leave for Wadi Mujib to do a canyoning trail. Wadi Mujib is a stream in Jordan with a biblical backround. A nice little extra advantage: we leave Amman quite early in the morning, and the traffic is not as chaotic. Win! After about a 1,5 hr drive, we arrive at the Wadi Mujib Adventure Center. We leave our car in the parking lot and we do the Siq Trail.

Jordan roadtrip 10 days Wadi Mujib

We wanted to do the Canyoning Trail, which is a 4 hour hike / canyoning tour with guide, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible because of the Ramadan. Afterwards we change our clothes (since we’re soaking wet) and get in the car to drive to Wadi Musa.

EDIT: You could do Wadi Mujib at the end of the trip, when going to the Dead Sea. It’s actually only a half hour drive from the Dead Sea resorts.

SPENDING THE NIGHT: Oriënt Gate Hotel - Wadi Musa

Day 4 & 5: Petra!

About halfway through our 10 day itinerary in Jordan, and now we finally get to see it in real life: Petra! One of the seven modern wonders of the world. The guy from the hotel advised us to go early. And by early I mean REALLY early. We set our alarm for 5:15am, and we walk towards Petra around 6am. We enter the premises around 6:30am and there’s almost no one there. Beautiful. The guy from the hotel made us breakfast to go, so we have breakfast with a stunning view.

Jordan Petra

We also take the High Place of Sacrifice Trail, which is a 3 hr hike (if you do the complete loop). When we were there, it was 40+ degrees. Definitely tiring, so by noon we were kinda done. Because of the heat we did exploring Petra in the mornings, and napping in the afternoons.

SPENDING THE NIGHT: Oriënt Gate Hotel - Wadi Musa

Day 6: Wadi Rum Desert Tour

We left early in the morning to Wadi Rum village, where the our Desert Jeep Tour starts at 10 ‘o clock. It’s an easy drive (highway), and there’s literally one road to and from the village, so we have no trouble getting there. In the village we start with tea and meeting the other travellers who do the same tour, and after half an hour we get in the jeep. Off to the desert!

Wadi Rum 10 day itinerary Jordan

It’s truly a unique experience (and my personal favourite thing to do in Jordan). After a full day tour, including lunch & and a beautiful sunset, we drive to camp in the middle of the desert where four of us are staying the night. The other four go back to Wadi Rum Village.

SPENDING THE NIGHT: Wadi Rum Nomads Camp, in the desert

Day 7 + 8: Relaxing in Aqaba

The next morning, after breakfast, the driver takes us back to Wadi Rum Village. We get in our car and we’re off to Aqaba. Now it’s relaxing time. We booked a basic room at the DoubleTree by Hilton, which is located right in the city center, near the Red Sea beach. The rest of the day we explore the surroundings (Aqaba Castle, which is being renovated so it’s closed) and hang out at the hotel pool. Getting rid of all the Wadi Rum sand.

10 day Jordan itinerary Aqaba beach

The next day, we take a shuttle to a nearby beach resort where we can relax and go snorkeling. We do this the entire morning, and in the afternoon we head back to the hotel pool. Like I said: some serious relaxing 😉

SPENDING THE NIGHT: DoubleTree by Hilton - Aqaba

Day 9: Dead Sea

The next morning we drive to the Dead Sea. It’s the longest drive in all of our 10 days in Jordan, but it’s still only a 3h15m drive. The distances in Jordan aren’t that big, which is a big plus. We choose to stay in the Mövenpick Dead Sea Resort & Spa: a truly over the top luxurious resor. After a late lunch, we’re off to the dead sea beach where we take a mud bath and go floating… Very cool.

Dead Sea floating in Jordan

After that: relaxing at the pool. There’s actually nothing more you can do there (#resortlife), so one day/night is enough in my opinion.

SPENDING THE NIGHT: Mövenpick Dead Sea Resort & Spa - Sweimeh (Dead Sea)

Day 10: Mt. Nebo & Madaba

We decide to take the most of our time in the resort, so we only check out right before noon. We then take the 45 minute drive to Madaba, where we will spend our last day of our 10 days in Jordan. It’s actually a more convenient place to be than Amman if you’re flying out of Queen Alia International Airport, since the city is only about half an our from the airport. Along the way we stop at Mount Nebo, a Christian holy place where Moses once was granted the view of the Promised Land.

Mount Nebo near Madaba in Jordan

After parking our car and dropping off the backpacks in the room, we are going for a stroll through Madaba. We visit some highlights like the famous mosaic map in the St. George Church and the Burnt Palace.

SPENDING THE NIGHT: Black Iris hotel - Madaba

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Leaving day

The next morning we walk around Madaba for a bit. We end the day with a nice lunch and we drive back to the rental car company to drop off the car. The rental car guy gives us a ride to the airport, and that’s that.

Since both the first and last day are actually half days, I counted those together as one. But if you only have 10 days alltogether, you can always cut down the relaxing time in Aqaba to one day / night instead of two.

So there it is: your perfect 10 day Jordan itinerary.

Jordan 10 day itinerary road trip route


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