Thule Guidepost 75L backpack review

When I’m travelling in a foreign country, from ho(s)tel to ho(s)tel, I prefer taking a backpack over a suitcase. Main advantage: you can travel hands-free. Chances are you have to walk a fair distance with your backpack on your back, so it needs to fit properly and it has to be of a certain quality. Thule sent me one of their Guidepost backpacks to see if it meets my expectations. I took it with me to Jordan to put it to the test.

Thule Guidepost 75L review travelblog

Thule is a well-known brand which produces backpacks, but also other travel accessories like for example bike racks, luggage roof boxes and bicycle suitcases. Thule is known for its high-quality products, so I’m curious for the Thule Guidepost 75L backpack (womens). Will it fit properly? Can I fit all my stuff in there? Is it easy to use? I’ll tell you all about it.

Does the Thule Guidepost 75L fit properly?

You can adjust this backpack on many levels. It has a quick fit system which allows you to adjust the main straps very easily. Normally I would go to my dad for help with those kind of things, since he’s an experienced hiker who uses backpacks this size on multiple-day hikes in the mountains. So the right fit is something he’s very passionate about. This time, I adjusted it myself, and it is indeed very easy. Just loosen the velcro, adjust the straps by sliding the harness up or down, and fasten the velcro again. Done.

Then there’s a nice feature which is quite unique for a backpack. It has a pivoting hip belt, which means the backpack moves with you as you walk. It’s more comfortable than the standard fixed hip belt my old backpack has.

Thule Guidepost 75L bordeaux

The interior

The backpack consists of a main compartment which can be accessed through the top, but also through a J zip side access panel. Then there’s a bottom compartment, which is perfect for carrying shoes and for example your flight bag. The main and bottom compartment are partly separated by a panel. This is a tiny little disadvantage of this backpack, because it doesn’t completely separate the compartments. So this means your clean clothes can “fall through” to the bottom compartment, where your dirty shoes are.

Easy access to Thule Guidepost 75L backpack

Furthermore, there’s a front pocket which is perfect for carrying dirty clothes. This can be accessed through the top or through a side zipper. On top of this front pocket, there’s the rain cover pocket. It’s quite spacious so there’s room for clothes too, if you’d like.

Then there’s the lid. It has two separate compartments with one zipper on the outside and one on the inside. Fun fact: you can remove the lid and turn it into a small backpack. We actually did this a couple of times, for example when we went to the beach.

Extra hip belt accessories with the Thule Guidepost 75L

My Thule Guidepost came with a removable, weatherproof pocket which is attached to the hip belt. It can be used to store your phone or other small electronics. There are other accessories though. How about a DSLR camera pocket? Or a water bottle. These accessories are actually more convenient when you are hiking with the backpack, instead of just travelling like I did. But it’s definitely a nice add on.

Thule womens backpack review

Is it big enough?

Yes, definitely. I used a 55+10L backpack during my 5 months of solo travel in Asia, and I didn’t really use the +10L. So this 75L is definitely big enough for travelling multiple weeks or even months. I do think you need at least a 75L backpack when you are travelling to colder countries. So I’m all for this size. It’s not too big and not too small. Perfect.

Are you planning on travelling to warm countries only, or are you a light packer? There’s a 65L Thule Guidepost for women too.

Do I recommend the Thule Guidepost 75L backpack?

Yes. The only slight disadvantage is the fact that the bottom and main compartment aren’t fully separated. Other than that I have no complaints whatsoever. The material is high quality, it’s extremely comfortable and it’s available in two colors. I chose a red one, but it’s also available in grey. For the men: there are Guidepost backpacks for you too. You can go for the 65L, 75L or 85L men’s version.


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