To snowboard or not to snowboard

Covid19 has turned out to be a lot more thorough than anyone could have ever imagined. Of course being in good health is the most important thing right now. But I do miss travelling a lot during this weird pandemic time.

We did travel a little bit though: we took two trips to Luxembourg, which involved a lot of cycling. Okay, it doesn’t really compare to Porto and New York, but I can’t complain. I also bought a new bike and we did things around the house. I coped with this whole travel ban really well, to be honest.

Until now. Wanderlust has officially kicked in. And it’s all because of snowboarding.

Shredding like a boss…. – Solden – Austria

If this would have been a regular year like all the others, I would be looking forward to snowboarding in the snowy mountains of preferably Austria. Probably somewhere late January, early February.

We would have our whatsapp group chat, where we would share jokes, ideas and all things snow-related. We would keep an eye on the weather constantly, to check if there would be enough snow.

I would get my beloved K2 Lunatique snowboard serviced. A fresh coat of wax and some sharpening so my snowboard would be in excellent condition to practice my carving.

My beloved K2 Lunatique – Les Deux Alpes, France

I’d probably tell myself not to buy anything new this year for snowboarding, and then I’d accidentally order something. A new pair of pants? Some socks? A nice sweater? A Dakine Split Roller, which has been on my wishlist since forever?

At this point I’m doing none of the abovementioned things. I am sitting here, writing a travel blog stay-home-blog. And I feel a little sad about it.

The season isn’t lost though: if the Covid rules allow us to go, we will go. Maybe not with a group, but just the two of us. Maybe not in an apartment, but in a hotel. Maybe not with après ski, but just with quality time.

But snowboarding is snowboarding ❤

snowboarding like a boss


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