Top 10 things to do in Prague

City trip wise, Prague is probably my all time favorite city in Europe. You might wonder: what is there to do in Prague? Well, it has a little bit of everything: lovely restaurants (because, yes, food is important), great cultural highlights, old castles and beautiful hills which give you a gorgeous view over the city. The whole vibe is just lovely. I jokingly told the boyfriend I wanted to live there. Not really a joke though: I could really see myself living there. Anyway, if you are planning on visiting this lovely city (please do), then these are some top things to do in Prague, all of them free or very low budget!

Visit Staroměstské Náměstí, the old city square

Staroměstské Náměstí is a 700 year old square which is surrounded by many impressive buildings, like for example the gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn. This was supposed to be a symmetrical building, but during construction the blue prints went missing. This means, the longer you keep looking at that building, the more asymmetrical details you will find. There are also many other churches and colorful buildings around this square, including some statues and of course the world famous clock. (see the next “top thing to do in Prague”).

Staroměstské Náměstí

It’s nice to visit this square during the day, but don’t forget to go back in the evening. Musicians and artists occupy the square and treat you with lovely performances.

The famous Astronomical Clock

This is probably one of the most famous clocks in Europe: the astronomical clock which is located on the very same square I mentioned above. It’s the oldest astronomical clock in the world which is still working, and the third-oldest in general. When the clock strikes the hour, it shows 12 wooden statues, which they call the procession of the 12 apostles. Yes, it’s a must see when you are in Prague. I mean: you are not visiting Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower, right? But honestly, in my personal opinion it’s not that special. So don’t expect too much of it.

Things to do in Prague astronomical clock

Walking across the Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is a bridge which dates back to 1357. The 516 meter long bridge connects the old city of Prague with the hillside area Malá Strana. The bridge contains 30 statues. If you touch these statues, you will return to Prague one day. Other than that, the view over the Vltava river is also beautiful, and there are many musicians and artists which try to sell their work. Prepare yourself: it’s very VERY touristy, but it does have a really nice atmosphere to it.

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Charles bridge tourists

Eat traditional Czech Trdelník

What to do in Prague when you are a foodie? Don’t worry, people with a sweet tooth will be very happy in this city. Because this is the place where you can find Trdelník, also known as chimney cake. It’s a sort of cone made of dough, which is glazed with sugar and grilled over open coals. Then they fill it with, well, almost anything you can think of. Strawberries, cream, apple pie filling, ice cream… there are many different options to choose from. Or just eat your Trdelnik as is, without filling. Either way, definitely a must eat!

Trdelnik chimney cake

Enjoy Petřín hill park

What to do in Praque when you are looking for some peace & quiet? Petřín hill is a beautiful park with several meandering paths which take you all the way up to a view point. While the Charles Bridge is so full of tourists you can hardly walk, Petřín hill is surprisingly quiet. I must admit: it’s quite a climb, but definitely worth it. Feeling lazy? There’s also a funicular that brings you straight up the hill. Nice to see: at the top railway station there’s a little photo collage which shows how they built the whole funicular railway.

Prague Patrin park funicular railway

Best thing to do in Prague: Enjoy the many view points

One of my personal top things to do in Prague? Whenever I’m visiting a city, view points are always on my to do list. Nothing beats the feeling of exploring a city and being treated with gorgeous landscapes and city views. The good thing about view points in Prague? Most of them are completely free of charge. It’s the perfect low budget thing to do in Prague.

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Best things to do in Prague view points

Take the tram to explore Prague

This is a good option when the weather isn’t that nice. But even when the weather is great, the tram is a good way of exploring Prague. The most famous route: Tram 22. This one takes you Prague Castle via a very scenic route. Just hop on and off wherever you like.

Tip: Get yourself a 72hr public transport ticket. It took us from the airport all the way to the center of Prague, we used it to wander around Prague for two days, and it got us back to the airport. It cost us only 310 CZK (€12,-) per person!

Visit Prague Castle

Prague castle is something you shouldn’t miss when you are visiting Prague. The castle is in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest ancient castle in the world. There are several churches, palaces and squares on the grounds of Prague Castle, for example the Royal Palace, the Golden Lane and the St. George’s Basilica. Also, the castle is being surrounded by beautiful gardens. The front of the castle is about 500m wide, and the whole thing covers almost 70000 m2. The construction started way back in the 9th century, but today the castle is still being used by the Czech government.

Prague Castle

Enjoy a cheap (but good!) beer

One of the things you must do in Prague, especially when the weather is nice: enjoy the city from café to café. Just sit down, relax, drink your beer and watch the trams go by. The beer is really cheap in Prague: most of the time it’s cheaper than water or soda! That doesn’t mean the beer is bad quality though. On the contrary: Apparently Pilsner Urquell appears on international “best beer” lists on a regular basis.

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Take a boat trip over the Vltava river

Would you like some more info about the city, all while relaxing on a boat underneath a blanket and having a drink? Then you should take a Vltava boat trip for sure. They provide information about several important sights like the Charles Bridge and several other buildings along the shore. In different languages of course. Yes, very touristy indeed, but it’s really relaxing. This is especially a must do when the weather is nice.

What to do in Prague boat trip

So there you go: my list of top things to do in Prague! Did I miss any? Feel free to add them by leaving a comment :).


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