Travel gear: Solo Socks review

Fact: you always lose shit when travelling. I lost a dress in Cambodia, which got stolen lost in the laundry. I still feel sad about it, it was a beautiful dress. Anyway, I also lost a pair of pants in Vietnam (no biggie) and a shirt in Thailand (also no biggie). And socks. These I’ve lost practically everywhere. In small hostels, with lots of people in one dorm and luggage everywhere, it’s not that hard to get your stuff missplaced.

Then I came across this little project on Kickstarter called Solo Socks. I never backed a Kickstarter project before, so I decided to give it a try. I pledged for two sets of 7 Solo Socks, and they arrived in my mail a few months ago. So I thought: let’s write a little review about them. Because they might actually be nice for travellers as well.

So, what on earth did I buy?

I bought Solo Socks. Yes, these are socks. According to their website these are, and I quote, “the best organic, sustainable, innovative, top quality, designer socks”. The fun thing is that you receive an uneven number of socks in one pack, seven to be exact. The idea is that you can pair the socks however you like. So no need to pair up after washing them. Just grab two random socks and you are good to go. So if you lose one, it’s no problem at all. Plus, they are antimicrobial, so no smell. In short: perfect socks for travelling.

About the Solo Socks

There are two different varieties of socks: regulars and no-shows, of which the latter are in my closet right now. And on my feet, to be honest. “No shows” basically means you can wear them in sneakers and they don’t show. So they are a little lower than ankle socks.

There are several prints to choose from. We decided upon Wegner: relatively neutral, but not as boring as black or white.

I got two sets of 7. One size small (EU 36-40) for me and one large (EU 41-46) for the boyfriend. This is how they look all together.

The Solo Socks review

Well, what can you say about socks? Not that much, so here’s the very brief “review”:

Are they comfy? Yes.

Can you see them when you’re wearing them in sneakers? No.

Do they slide off your heel when you walk? Only just a tiny little bit and then they are set, thanks to that silicon grip.

A little update, after using these solo socks for over a year. And with using I mean daily use for over a year. The silicon grip has lost a little bit of its quality. The solo socks won’t hold up as well as they used to. But then again: I’ve been using these socks (3,5 pair) for a year on a daily basis, so I can imagine this is just normal wear and tear. Time to expand my collection, I guess 😛

Here you can see the silicon grip a little bit.

Do they become smelly? No.

How do they hold up after washing? Very well actually. I washed them many times already: they hold their shape and the silicon grip is still solid.

Are they pretty? Yes, these are some fine looking socks.

You can buy them online via their website.


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