Val Thorens tips: where to eat & party

There are a few certainties in life: death, taxes and me going snowboarding at least once a year. I absolutely love boarding off a snowy mountain while being surrounded by the most stunning views. In february this year (before the whole Covid-19 situation) we went for the little mountain village of Val Thorens in France. I usually prefer Austria over France (<– read here why), but we were very VERY late with our booking, so the affordable options in Austria were limited. That’s why our trip went to France.

View from the appartment snowboarding France

View from the appartment – Val Thorens

Val Thorens to be exact. If you are going to snowboard or ski in France, this is definitely a better option than Les Deux Alpes, in my opinion. Val Thorens actually preps most of their slopes, the village is located at 2300m so lack of snow is never a thing AND it’s a place with lots to do and see.

I thought it would be fun to share some tips about Val Thorens, like where to eat and party. Of course I’ll throw in some nice pics as well.

Where to eat in Val Thorens (dinner)

After a long day of snowboarding, you need food. Good food. I know where to get it. We went into John’s American Restaurant, but it was fully booked. He sent us to another restaurant of his, Scandinavian Brasserie & Wine Bar.

Lamb Shank Scandinavian Brasserie and wine bar Val Thorens

Lamb shank at Scandinavian Brasserie & Wine Bar, de-lish!

A winner, if you ask me. High quality food, good portions and the absolute best staff. It has a very friendly and feel-at-home atmosphere. Definitely my favourite restaurant in Val Thorens!

Crewzer burger Val ThorensSometimes you just want to grab a quick burger after visiting the bar… well, I have the go-to burger place for you.

It’s called Crewzer and is located in the street where all the pubs & clubs are. They serve burger, wraps and tapas, but the burgers are a definite must-eat.

We went there twice and I had the Double Cheese Burger and the Raclette Burger (because, you know, cheese is life). Both delicious. They wrap them in this newspaper-ish paper, which gives it something extra. Although the burgers don’t look so good from the outside, trust me, they are the best!

Grab something sweet

Sweets bakery Centre Sportif

On our last day we wanted something sweet. We went to a little bakery in Centre Sportif. I can’t remember the name, but Centre Sportif isn’t that big so you will definitely find it. It has the best pastries!

I had the Eclair, yummy! Their sandwiches aren’t too bad either by the way. So if you want to go for a quick and not too expensive lunch, this is definitely an option.

Where to eat while skiing / snowboarding

Big disadvantage of France? The food is expensive, especially on the slopes. A nice soup and roll for 6€ like in Austria? Nope, don’t count on it. We did find a nice place to have dinner while on the slopes though. It’s actually in the village itsself, next to beginner’s slopes. It’s called Panoramic.

Hawaiian Poké Bowl Panoramic

Poké bowl at Panoramic

We went there a couple of times, and they have absolutely amazing pizza’s and a Hawaiian poke bowl with salmon to die for. The Salad Du Chef is also worth your money. I didn’t have it myself, but my friends did and they ordered it multiple times. Good food! Still not cheap though, but it’s definitely a decent meal.

Panoramic Restaurant Val Thorens view

And on a prime location, with mountain view of course

Where to party in Val Thorens

La Folie Douce FranceLa Folie Douce, the party place on the slopes…

A little overrated if you ask me. But to be honest, I think we were the oldest people there (I’m 31 btw). If you are younger and have a LOT of money to spend, go there. Regular drinks are 10€, doesn’t matter if you order beer or a coke. There’s a VIP deck where people are spraying champagne bottles like they’re free (trust me, they’re not :P). But the music is good!

Are you looking for the best place to party in Val Thorens? Go to Café Snesko. It’s a Danish bar with a live guitar player. And he’s awesome. He plays anything from Bon Jovi to The Beatles to Sweet Caroline to Country Roads.

Café Snesko Val Thorens party

Café Snesko – Hands down our favourite place to party in Val Thorens

The atmosphere is great, the beer is reasonably priced and the Danish are super nice people. We went here many times!

And some more snowboarding Val Thorens photos…

Fun fact: At one point it was so windy, kids weren’t allowed to go up with certain ski lifts. Because they would literally blow off the mountain.

  Orelle - France

Val Thorens at night - AnotherTravelLover

How cool is this by the way: a blind skier and a guide. Didn’t even know this was possible.


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