Welcome home, Vesper the Van

It is happening. #Vanlife is happening! I already mentioned something about wanting to buy and convert a van in this blogpost. I not-so-secretly started with the preparations: I ordered a book about converting a van (there will be a seperate blogpost about this, because so far it has been extremely useful!), read many blogs, stalked lots of van conversion instagram accounts… All while keeping an eye out for the perfect van. And then we found it.

Her name: Vesper.

She’s a 2011 Mercedes Benz Sprinter. L3H2. We contemplated a lot about whether to choose L2 or L3. At first I specifically wanted an L2. But after we wrote down our wishes for the van, we soon found out an L2 wouldn’t suit our needs.

Main reason: the bed. We rented a Jubivan camper last year, and it was great. But the bed just wasn’t it. It was too narrow. There wasn’t enough space to sleep comfortably, in my opinion. So we decided right then and there that we wanted to have a nice double bed in the van, if we would ever convert one.

And here we are.

Vesper looks amazing, if you ask me, given the fact that she’s 10 years old. There is a little dent in the side, but that’s exactly where the window is going to be. So no problem there. Other than that we did find a few minor issues, but I will talk about these in the next blog.

This is the inside of the van:

We suspect it was used as some sort of service vehicle in the past: you can clearly see a path on the floor. But other than that, there’s little to no wear and tear. Much less than you would expect from a 10 y/o van like this. So thus far we are quite convinced we made a good deal.

This has been a dream in the making for a couple of years, and now #vanlife is finally going to happen. Well, not actual van life, because we will not be living in the van full time. It’s going to be a recreational vehicle. But we are planning on using it often. I’m one happy camper! (pun intended).

You will probably be going to see some blogs about Vesper in the upcoming months. Don’t expect technical and in depth articles about all the possible options on van conversions. There are a gazillion blogs out there which do that job perfectly. But I will update on the build, of course!


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