Why you should travel with a GoPro

Taking travel photos when I’m somewhere far away in a foreign country is one of my ultimate favourite things to do. The activity itself is fun, but it also gives you some visual reminders of your travels. I always take my DSLR camera with me for high quality photos, as well as my GoPro. To me, the latter is the ultimate travel camera. I’ll give you a couple of reasons why you should own one if you are keen on travelling!

1) The GoPro is the ultimate selfie machine

The GoPro is perfect for taking travel selfies in the most gorgeous landscapes. This is especially nice when you are a solo traveller and you don’t want to keep asking other people if they want to take a photo of you. Yes, you can take selfies on a mobile phone too, but then the only thing you will see is your face. GoPro has a wide-angle lens, which shows way more than just your face.

GoPro selfie in Jordan Wadi Rum

Shot with my Hero 4 Silver with 3-way mount – Wadi Rum, Jordan

2) Photos of adventurous experiences

When you take a GoPro with you on your travels, you’ll be able to photograph or film practically everything. Canyoning? Check. Diving or snorkeling? Check. Exploring water caves? Check. Skydiving or bungee jumping? Check. Activities you will never be able to shoot on a regular camera, you can shoot on a GoPro. Go capture those memories!

GoPro canyoning Wadi Mujib Jordan

Canyoning: climbing and abseiling from waterfalls. You wouldn’t do that with a regular camera – Wadi Mujib, Jordan

3) Very small & light weight

A GoPro is incredibly small and therefor quite easy to handle. You don’t have to run around with a huge camera bag and different lenses. Just take your little camera, with an accessory or two, and you’re good to go. There’s always room for a GoPro in your luggage…

4) Many different accessories to get the most out of your GoPro

The GoPro itself isn’t that exciting: it’s the accessories which make it special. I’ll list my personal favorites in a separate post, but there’s a lot you can do with the right mounts. With the 3-way-mount (my #1) you can take the best selfies, but it also functions as a tripod. Furthermore you can mount your GoPro on practically every vehicle or piece of sports equipment: from snowboard to bike and from helmet to car window. This means you can play with perspective and fun angles.

GoPro mouth mount travel photo

Hands-free shooting with a mouth mount – Nicaragua

5) No more shaky footage

Recording your travels on video is a nice add on to photos. Are you planning on making a travel video? Let GoPro be your device of choice. You can capture your most special travel moments without ending up with shaky footage. Well, if you have the right one. I still have an oldie (GoPro Hero 4 Silver) without the stabilizing features, but the latest GoPros have an internal stabilizer which gives you ultra smooth videos.

If you are not that much into video: the latest GoPros have high quality photo options as well, also for night photography.

6) Pretty time lapses with a GoPro

Are you watching that beautiful sunset at the beach, in the desert or from a rooftop in the city? Of are you visiting a famous square with street performers? A time lapse is a fun way to capture those things. GoPro can do this. And making the timelapse is easy with their own software. Just import all the photos and the program makes a timelapse out of it. You only have to play with filters and frame rate. So easy.
GoPro small time lapse prague

GoPro in action, making a time lapse – Prague

They are not as expensive as you would think

Yeah I know, they aren’t cheap either. But honestly: when the GoPro 7 came out, with all of its new features, I truly thought it would be €/$750+. But it isn’t. It’s “only” around $350, which is not too much if you ask me. Although my GoPro Hero 4 Silver still works fine, I’m still eyeballing one of these 7’s.


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